Manicure Pedicure



A manicure consists in the accomplishment of a cleaning, exfoliation, push or elimination of cuticle, filing and enameling of nails and finally a massage of hands.
Healthy nails are firm and have a pink and valid color. The surface should be smooth, curved, without blemishes, crevices or wrinkles.
Both men and women can equally enjoy the benefits of a manicure.

Classic 20′


with Parafin 40′


Permanent Nail Polish 60′


u$s 15


u$s 20


u$s 25


SPA Pedicure

Pedicure is the way to improve the appearance of your feet and your nails.
It refers to the removal of dead skin cells, in the lower part of the feet, and is done rubbing them used a rough stone called pumice stone.
The SPA pedicure consists of a disinfection, exfoliation, treatment of cuticles and nails, ending with a massage calming nerve terminals throughout the body.

Classic 40′


with Parafin 60′


Permanent Nail Polish 60′


u$s 25


u$s 30


u$s 35


Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure Pedicure service

Classic 60′


Permanent Nail Polish & Classic 90′


Permanent Nail Polish 120′


u$s 35


u$s 45


u$s 55